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How I Survived The Apocalypse And You Can Too!

The red skies of the Apocalypse?

On a website known as YaHighway there is a weekly post called Road Trip Wednesday. Every week they pose a new question and we, the readers, get to answer. I will probably be doing this every week now; just another thing to add to the long list of things to write. This week’s question was:

What kind of apocalypse do you think would be most interesting to survive through?

The theme of Apocalypse has become rather popular lately in fiction and that is probably what sparked the question. I have to say that I’m actually torn between two different kinds.

The first would be a fall of modern technology, where all the technology in the world shuts off for some reason or another and can not be restored. Communes are started and riots break out, small forms of government pop up all over the place. I think it’s the dark age feel mixed with a modern city overgrown with plant and animal life that really draws me in. Much like in the movie “I Am Legend”.

The second would be a war of some sorts, preferable nuclear, that leaves the entire world scared. Most people don’t survive and those that do either live on their own, constantly battling to survive, or in make shift colonies. The last is actually what might happen in a story idea I have.

I also enjoy a Robot Apocalypse where they take over.

Wow this became a much longer post than I intended. I hope it was interesting and answer the question alright.

My question for you is what type of apocalypse do you like to read about most? Is there a certain type of apocalypse that isn’t as mainstream as you wish it as?



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