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Things I Know About Writing

I have been writing for most of my life. Which is a relatively short time considering that some authors don’t publish their first novel until they are 80. Now I don’t know everything about the craft, but there are a few things I know. Or rather I think I know. Or at least might help out and give you a bit of knowledge on the subject. These are by no means a way to live your writing life. But just tidbits here and there that I’ve picked up along the way.

This will be broken up into multiple posts too for shorter readings. As I think up more I will add more posts. There will also be specific posts on some of these subjects in the future. I don’t really have any authority on these subjects or reason to think I know what I’m talking about, but I like to think I do and share what I know.

Write A Lot and Often

If you wish to be a writer, write.


This is probably the most important one to do and to know out of all of these. Write, just write. Anywhere, everywhere. Anything, everything. Play with setting, genre, characters. This is especially important, I believe, when you’re just starting out. This gives you a chance to grow, practice, and hone your skills, all while finding out where you best fit in this crazy writing world of ours

Write a journal or a short story. Just write something. It doesn’t matter if you write on a bar napkin every night about the regulars. That’s character development, and it’s also writing.
If you can, write every day. If not, set times aside for yourself to just sit down and write. No interruptions or distractions. Just you and the words.

Most important, like I said, especially if you’re just starting, is to write as much as you can about anything. You can stick to one story, or play with a few ideas. The point is you’re getting words down and practicing. Continue reading



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Coming Up With NaNoWrioMo Ideas

Right, so as many of you probably already know, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is closing in fast. Just a little over two months before we start the almighty race to 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve got to be crazy.

Not only do I have a first draft that I plan on finishing right before NaNo, I’m also going to continue working on short stories and prompts. Which I’m afraid is going to leave me little time for plotting and planing. I mean, I don’t even have an idea for a novel yet. No concept or premise or little annoying idea that won’t leave my brain. Nothing.

I keep drawing a complete blank and I can’t seem to think up anything that would be worth a novel. I was thinking of trying some Dystopian/Spec Fiction for this NaNo. This will also be my first year I might add. I also have a fantasy story I have some work done on, so I could always just start that from scratch. Or just come up with a brand new idea.

The main problem I’m having is not just coming up with a premise and going from there. It’s the fact that, once all the plotting and world building is done, it needs to be worth 50,000 words in a month! That’s just insane. I don’t even think I could do that with the story I’m currently working on and I love this one.

I’ve gotten suggestions to just pants it the whole thing (ride by the seat of your pants, no plotting before hand). But I’m still afraid that I’ll get going, love it, then half way through I’ll hit a wall and won’t be able to come up with anything more. I need to find a way to push this fear aside and just write.

Well, I suppose the next two months will be spent finishing my first novel, and then deciding if I want to heavily world build, or just pantser my whole way through. These next few months will be very interesting when it comes to writing to say the least.

What are your thoughts on NaNoWriMo? Should I have a fully fleshed out plot before jumping in or just fly by the seat of my pants and write? Are you participating? Any story ides to throw my way?


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