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I’ve Been A Terrible Blogger

I’ve been a terrible blogger recently. I know, and I’m sorry to anyone who might read this. I’ve just been quite busy working on other things and being sick. That is all fine and well but I really would like to get back to blogging.  I know I have at least a view regular readers even if they are just friends and family. So I wanted to start writing more/again, and I think working on the blog will sure help me.

I also failed a bit when it came to that 30 day blog challenge. So I’m now going to work my butt off and get those last ones finished so I can start posting up other things. Perhaps more fiction, or even more writer tips and things I’ve learned along the way (It’s a pretty short way).

Here’s to starting October out as a better writer, and a better blogger!


Thanks for listening. Look for more posts soon!



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