The Highs And Lows Of The Year Thus Far

Today’s prompt is to write about my highs and my lows of the year.

I’m not quite sure how to write this one because my year so far has been up and down the whole way through.

My lowest was probably (thinking that I was) losing someone I cared for dearly. I also had very bad depression and anxiety. I wasn’t writing or working or doing anything really. I didn’t want to do anything, just stay inside and hide all day. That was pretty low.

My highest point is probably recently. Having (now) an amazing best friend, who I still care for dearly, but can just joke around with and be myself. Also the fact that I’m writing quite a bit and writing everyday. I mean, I’ve got about 3-4 story ideas I’m working on. I’m half way in my main WIP (taking a break now), at 30k words. And I’m averaging about 1000 words a day! So that’s quite good. My depression and anxiety is also being kept more in check, and I do not fear writing or working anymore!

So that is the short-ish answer to my highs and lows for the year.


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Stuck In The Toilet Of Life That Is Self Imposed Writer’s Block

It's so hard to find the right word.

It’s so hard to find the right word.

Writer’s Block can be a dangerous thing to a writer. We’ve all experienced it. The greats and the not so greats. But what is it about this Writer’s Block that’s so scary and dangerous? Well for starters, we’re writers. You and I. We write, we love to write, we live to write. We call ourselves writers, but if we have nothing to write, then what are we? If writing is our life but we can’t put down words, then what else do we have? I believe that’s why it’s so scary to most.

I believe there’s different types of Writer’s Block though. There is Self Imposed and there is just Imposed. There is the physical and the mental. The physical is the most common: You’re writing a story, plugging along, when all of the sudden you can’t think of a single word to put down next. You’re completely stuck and blocked up. Nowhere to go. Now although this has to do with thinking, it’s not the mental block part. Funny how those things work.

The second, and I think scarier of the two, is the mental block. Both can be dangerous and both can be scary, but the physical block seems easier because you can just wait it out if need be. At least for me that is. With the mental block there’s so much more underneath. It’s a more self imposed though process than the physical.

Here are a few types of Self Imposed Mental Blocks I tend to get, and how I deal with them:

Worried What Others Might Think

Problem: Other people may read your work. Especially if you are blogging, it is inevitable. You’re worried that others will see your work and criticize you for what you have written. I for one am afraid that people just won’t like what I have to say, be it fiction or writing tips. You also may be scared to write non fiction about people you know. Or even fiction, basing a character or event on a real life occurrence. What if they see it and know it’s about them? How will this affect them or hurt them?

Solution: Don’t over think. I will say this a lot. In fact I’ll say it again right now. Don’t over think. While you’re writing, just let the writing flow. Let it take you where ever it might. Be it talking about your best friend who stabbed you in the back. Or the local barista who smelled like eggs. Yes, someone may read it. But you should care only for yourself and the quality of your work. Save feelings for after it’s written. If you write the entire story and you feel it would bring negative feedback or might be too harsh, you can always leave it in your computer or in the notebook for some time, returning to it later with a new outlook on the situation. Don’t over think. Continue reading


September 17, 2013 · 11:09 pm

The Abominations Next Door

She clutched her head, a dreadful noise ringing through her ears. The only time she’d come this close to wanting to die before was when Bobby Jay threw gum in her hair on the school yard.

Infuriating racket, coming from the abominations next door no doubt. Always out for trouble. Never missing a moment to catch a ball right in her flowers. Her short blonde hair scrunched under the pressure of her hands.

This was her final tipping point. Her pot was full and she was ready to boil. With a swig of her juice she strutted out the front door and to the neighbor’s house.

Her knuckles were red. Two minutes knocking and not an answer. Finally though, the door opened and out came Mrs. Hampton, the mother of the two sewer rats she kept as sons. Continue reading

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Yeah, I’m a Published Poet. So What?

We’re half way there! September is half over and so is this 30 Day Blog Challenge. For today’s prompt I must write 15 interesting facts about myself. Let’s see if I can find that many.

1. My favorite book is 1984. I read it a year or so ago just for fun and fell in love with it. I’m getting ready to read it again once I knock some other books off my list.

2. I’m a published poet. When I was eight my school had a contest in the fall to write a poem about Halloween. Well, I wont and it got published in a sort of young peoples anthology. Ready for the poem?
“Most people don’t like mummies, because most mummies are dummies.”

3. I have two dogs, two kittens, and a new found Garage Cat. He was a stray that I fed one night and now he has adopted us and hangs out in the garage with me all the time while I write.

4. I really enjoy video games. I’m an avid gamer and have more games than I wish to say. Many of which are on my “To be played” list. I’m currently working my way through Skyrim.

5. I used to co-host a college radio program with two other friends of mine. It was about world music.

6. I like to draw. And I like to convince myself I’m good at drawing sometimes. I did just draw a ballin’ minotaur the other day though. (Balls not included.) Continue reading


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The Broken Wagon

A prompt inspired by Taylor Eaton on Twitter.

There wasn’t anything more that could be done about the broken wagon wheel. The broken venture. The broken marriage. Marie Fanturn was a simple farmer’s wife. She cooked, she cleaned, and she kept the kids from killing each other. Tiger Fanturn on the other hand was anything but simple. He never truly had a passion for farming. He just stuck with the family business to keep his own family a float.

The farm was old and had not much land left. They had just a few cows and only enough horses to pull a wagon. Their crops were suffering from the draught and their marriage was suffering from their lack of communication. Not to say Marie didn’t try, it was rather that Tiger was out most nights after farming his land at the local watering hole.

That is where he came up with the great idea to head west. Follow the front runners and become one of the richest men in the gold rush. He had it all planned out. They’d sell the farm and supplies to stock up on food and then take the journey out to the west territories. It didn’t matter if they would fail, it didn’t matter that the farm was their only income. All that mattered was finding that gold and striking it rich. Continue reading


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The Day The Inspiration Stood Still

Today’s prompt is to write about your earliest memory. Well I have already written about that exact thing before. So this idea bores me. Instead, I will just do some musing and oozing of ideas and such I suppose. More rambling than anything.

Why is it that writing can be so easy one moment, and then in the next it is the most difficult thing to be accomplished by a human being?

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to see both extremes of this writer’s spectrum. It started with the former. I was so happy and into my writing, I didn’t want to stop. I was planing and plotting my NaNo novel. I have outlined the whole thing, coming to a “final” outline of 2,094 words. This is both scary and exciting for me. Mostly because like I’ve said before, I never outline. I have a few ideas in my head and then I just write the thing. That’s it. No more. No less. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to pre-plan more than a few ideas for a story let alone a whole detailed outline. But this outline has made me feel great and excited about my story. So much so to the point where I just want it to be November already so I can start it. It’s taking everything I have not to open it up and write more on it right now.

At the beginning of this week I was also pumping out short stories and flash fiction like it was nothing. I had no problem coming up with an idea and writing. Or even just writing before I had the idea. It was great. I never wanted it to end. But unfortunately all good things come to an end.

This brings me to the past two days. Mostly tonight though. I’ve barely written a thing. I have a few ideas in my head but not sure which to go with. And other than those few, I can’t think of anything to write. I don’t want to use prompts, but I don’t want to go back to my original novel. But I also don’t want to really continue on this new fantasy I started. Nothing is left. I have no ideas and no motivation or inspiration to write. I just sit at the computer and struggle to even put a word down. I had to sit down and force myself to write earlier just to get 600 words for my #writechain. It wasn’t pretty or very fun. And neither is this whole not writing thing when I want to write. I love writing but I just can’t. No ideas. Too many ideas. No motivation. No inspiration. No creation. Nothing. I’m very stuck and I’m not sure which way to go from here. I suppose only time will tell.

I just wish more than anything to write. But I’m also stuck in the fact that I want to try too many things. Do I start a new novel, maybe a short story, perhaps a novella, or what about just a 300 word piece of flash fiction. There’s also working on the dozens of old projects I have. But with all these possibilities, not even one thing or idea is jumping out at me. I’m just stuck.

So instead of trying to pick and idea or piece together an idea. I will sit here and continue to write uninteresting blog posts to entertain a select few.

So, I’ll ask you. What should I do? What should I write?


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A Writer’s Day: Part 15

Not much writing was done today. Not much time to write honestly. I woke up with the worst stomach ache and head ache I’ve had in a while. I sat around for an hour or so just hoping it would go away.

Then my friend, Katrina, and I went to the mall. I sat at the Panera at the food court to write but my head ache came back and I couldn’t focus, so I didn’t write. We walked around a bit, went to Ikea for lunch, then off to dinner with her family at an awesome restaurant, The Melting Pot. Who knew I’d like fondue?

After coming home, sitting around for a while, and taking a shower my pains came back. Another way of Headaches and stomach aches. I played skyrim a bit and wrote not that much on a new story idea I’m working on. But then I decided to do some word sprints.

Those were terribly helpful! I actually was able to write and while I wrote I was able to forget about whatever pain I had. I ended up writing about a 2000 word outline for my NaNo novel loosely detailing all the chapters. This is awesome and new to me. I’m normally a pantser and just free write everything I do. No outline or pre plotting. So now I’m excited!

But now I’m still awake. This looks like it will be another insomnia filled night of not sleeping till sometime tomorrow in the evening. I have no idea what it is. Right now it feels like just the stomach ache and such. It could be I’m just not tired and can’t sleep. Or perhaps I’m actually tired, but still just can’t sleep. Who knows? Well that’s all for now.

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