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A Writer’s Day: 16

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written anything and I’m not proud of that fact. Writing used to be all I cared about. It used to be my escape from the world, reality, and even my own thoughts and fears. It was the one thing I could do to take my mind off everything and really enjoy myself. I was happy about the content I was creating and happy about all the great people I was meeting as well as the great tips I was learning from said people. But then I just stopped.

I fell out of writing. You could say I fell out of love with writing. I’m not sure why or what made me stop. I just slowly moved away from writing and into other things. I drew for a while, then moved to a few different games in that time. But now I want to write, again.

I want to get back into it and have that great feeling when I’m creating something wonderful. I want to feel that satisfying feeling of finishing a story. I want to remember what it’s like to write and write and just write all day long! Looking forward to waking up and doing early morning writing sprints, then spending the rest of the day working on other projects. World building, planning, summary’s, character development. I want to do it all again. Times where I knew I should’ve been in bed but couldn’t pull myself away from my story even if it was 3am.

I NEED it back. Writing was, at one point, the only thing to give me happiness and enjoyment. I feel like if I get back to that I’ll be in a much better state than I am currently. Continue reading



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A Writer’s Day: Part 15

Not much writing was done today. Not much time to write honestly. I woke up with the worst stomach ache and head ache I’ve had in a while. I sat around for an hour or so just hoping it would go away.

Then my friend, Katrina, and I went to the mall. I sat at the Panera at the food court to write but my head ache came back and I couldn’t focus, so I didn’t write. We walked around a bit, went to Ikea for lunch, then off to dinner with her family at an awesome restaurant, The Melting Pot. Who knew I’d like fondue?

After coming home, sitting around for a while, and taking a shower my pains came back. Another way of Headaches and stomach aches. I played skyrim a bit and wrote not that much on a new story idea I’m working on. But then I decided to do some word sprints.

Those were terribly helpful! I actually was able to write and while I wrote I was able to forget about whatever pain I had. I ended up writing about a 2000 word outline for my NaNo novel loosely detailing all the chapters. This is awesome and new to me. I’m normally a pantser and just free write everything I do. No outline or pre plotting. So now I’m excited!

But now I’m still awake. This looks like it will be another insomnia filled night of not sleeping till sometime tomorrow in the evening. I have no idea what it is. Right now it feels like just the stomach ache and such. It could be I’m just not tired and can’t sleep. Or perhaps I’m actually tired, but still just can’t sleep. Who knows? Well that’s all for now.

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A Writer’s Day: Part 14

A Writer’s Day 14. Just another day. Not really sure what to write. I’ve been up for another 36 hours or so. Again… I really need to stop doing this. I’m not sure what to write though. But I was told to write this everyday.

I’ve brainstormed more NaNo things. Just a few. That was fun, did some research. I’m quite excited to get started.

I came up with a new Fantasy story that I started writing. Just free writing for now but I think a plot is slowly coming together. So we’ll see where that goes. Maybe I’ll finally have something else to work on before NaNo.

That’s about it other than the prompts and such I’ve done earlier today. So we’ll see how long I’m up tonight… again….

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A Writer’s Day: Part 13

So, it seems I slept. Finally. And I slept a lot. Yesterday, after being up all night, writing even more on my NaNo novel, and taking a nap during that day, I passed out at about midnight. This is quite unusual to me and came as a surprise when I woke up this morning at seven. I was only up for a bit though before I passed back out until around eleven or noon.

I spent most of the morning uninspired with a terrible headache. Then I went off to art class. That was actually enjoyable today and I even came up with a few more ideas to add to my NaNo Novel. I also got quite a bit done in art and even sketched out a Minotaur! Hurrah for Greek Mythology.

I came home and had another eventful meeting with The Literary Captives, our writing group. We did a prompt, talked about goals for the week, what we’ve been working on, and even were all assigned homework: Find an article online that you think could help the group.

I’m very inspired and motivated to write. I’ve done a few #wordsprints tonight and have come away with some good flash fiction. This is even being written in a word sprint.

Oh, another thing I did yesterday before passing out was writing up a two page or so outline for my NaNo novel. It actually helped me come up with a few more plot points which I wasn’t so sure it would. I always felt I was more of a Pantser than a Plotter. That’s just how I’ve always written short stories and such. But I’m starting to feel better and better about pre-plotting and outlining. Honestly, I’m not too sure how I feel about this development.

Either way I have a good idea of what I’m going to do for NaNoWriMo and it makes me just want to write it all now. But I’m trying to wait and come up with perhaps another novel to work on in the mean time.

I’ve also been helping my best friend Katrina work on her NaNo novel. She’s going to try and do a YA Fantasy story as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to help each other out enough without crossing each other’s stories.

Do you have a NaNoWriMo writing friend? What genre and style novel are you going to write for NaNo or just writing in general? Got any tips for a first time fantasy writer and NaNo-er?

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A Writer’s Day: Part 12

Today I was told by my friend that if I didn’t keep doing A Writer’s Day everyday they would hurt me. So here we go. Again.

Starting out as uneventful as most days I awoke to find it was already 2pm. I had missed #5amWritersClub and had missed most other word sprints going around on twitter.

I was supposed to do more yard work today but with a huge headache and stomach pains I was forced to stay inside and stare at my screen for most of the day. It wasn’t till at least mid day, well my mid day, that I began writing.

I did a few writing prompts and word sprints. Added to my NaNoWriMo novel and actually spent most of the day trying to brainstorm or plan for it. I haven’t come up with much. But I’m pretty sure my Main Character is Human. I’m thinking of some variant of Theseus. Thoughts?

Other than that my day has been plain. I played some Tomb Raider with my friend who’s going to hurt me. Played with the kids (kittens). And wrote just a tiny bit. Hopefully more will come for tomorrow.

How far along are you on NaNo planning? What do you think of the name Theseus?


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A Writer’s Day: Part 11

I was told today by a good friend of mine that I had to continue writing A Writer’s Day, so here it is. Surprisingly I’m writing this rather early, mostly because I’m not sure how late I may be staying up.

Today started with me waking up and being forced outside to do yard work all day. This was quite upsetting because all morning I saw some of my Twitter Friends… (tweeps are they?) writing and doing word sprints. I wanted nothing more than to join them on their quest for a finished book or chapter or paragraph. But alas I was stuck doing a worker’s duty.

Finally, I was able to work on my story idea for NaNoWriMo. I added about 1200 words to the first chapter and finished it. This is both good and bad. It’s great that I got that many words in in one day without an outline or anything. It’s bad though because the maximum I would do on this story (like actually writing it) before NaNoWriMo was just the first chapter.

So now, I get to spend the next month and a half planning, and plotting, and working on characters, and back story, and world building without any actual writing or adding to the story. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

I really have grown to love this story and am super excited to continue it. But I don’t want to write too much and not have enough room left during NaNo. A few things have changed about it too.

I’ve added more creatures. My main character has no race or name yet, but his friend and his mentor both do. The city has been fleshed out a bit, and I’ve had a realization about the gods of this land. I suppose the next month I will do a lot of reading. I just wish I could write it too.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to write a story so much before. This is especially interesting to me because for one, I’m not a huge fantasy writer, so now that I have the chance to it’s exhilarating. For two, I love Greek Mythology and that is pretty much the basis and back bone of this world, loosely of course, but still. I am just so excited!

When do you start getting excited about NaNoWriMo? How much do you plan or prewrite before NaNo? And, Greek Mythology anyone?!


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A Writer’s Day: Part 10

A Writer’s Day: Part 10 or, How I Learned About Genre Change.

Today I learned that you can’t be so focused on the one plot, or theme, or genre even, that you think you have and will make your story. Things change. They change while you’re writing, or for me, they change before you’ve even written anything.

I started off my NaNoWriMo idea thinking I was going to do some sort of dystopian or utopian futuristic novel. Well somehow through some writing, brainstorming, and plot ideas, it turned into something completely different. It turned into a still utopian story, but fantasy with some Greek mythology inspiration.

It totally changed the whole story and everything I had thought I was going to do up till that point. So I’m left now to pretty much scrap all my other ideas and run with this. I’m still terribly nervous and worried that I won’t do well with it, or that it’ll all just suck. I have a lot of self doubt about this one. Fantasy isn’t really what I normally write, I do Sci-Fi. That’s mostly it.

So, now I’ve got a little less than two months to plot, and plan, and world build, and pre write my butt off until we get to NaNo. Like I said, I’m nervous, but if everything works out the way it’s all jumbled in my head, it’ll be really fun. And I’ll be very excited!

Oh, and a side note, I may stop writing A Writer’s Day every day. Thoughts? Do I have any daily readers?

What are your plans for NaNoWriMo? Do you have any ideas yet, or do you just go into it with nothing and free write your way through?


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