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Food, It’s Good For The Soul… And The Writer.

Today’s prompt (which I thought was tomorrow’s), my favorite comfort foods.

Now I don’t really have a favorite comfort food. There’s not one thing that I always have to have or eat. There’s not some magical dish or item that I reach for whenever I’m down or sick. I just eat. I really like PB&J’s. I also am a big fan of tuna casserole. That’s about it.

So now I have this problem. I’ve already written what my answer to the prompt is. So how do I got about continuing and producing more content when I have nothing left to say? This really upsets me and puts me in a bit of a dilemma.

What do you do when you can only write a paragraph? What’s your favorite writing food?


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Faith Is Like Your Penis…

Prompt for today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge is to write about my views on religion.

This is both an easy and a hard topic for me to talk about. Mostly because I love religion, but I don’t love religion. Now this whole topic has a lot of very strong minded, opinionated individuals behind it. So I will try not to offend anyone.

I myself am not religious. I’m just not religious at all. I don’t believe in one thing, and I truly don’t believe in anything. I’m not an atheist though. I describe myself as more of an Agnostic-Apathetic. Is there some overseeing force that created everything? Yeah, there might be. Do I really care to know, or does it affect my day in anyway? No, not really. Continue reading

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Are You One Of These People?


I would give my pet peeves away. How about you?

Here is the Prompt for day three, so I’ll finally be caught up. Your 5 Pet Peeves:

Pet peeves, let’s see. This is quite a hard one for me. Mostly because if something truly bother’s me that someone does, I tend to ignore it or them. But I guess it could also refer to my personal pet peeves.

First would have to be people that interrupt you while you are doing something important. Not only do they interrupt you, they then go on to ask questions of what you’re doing and talk about their day. Now, I normally try to be a nice guy, and I’ll talk to someone if they start talking to me. But some people just can’t take a hint. This especially applies when I’m writing and have a really good write flow going.

Second is poor drivers. I know it’s used quite often but it really annoys me sometimes. I’m not saying slow drivers, unless excessively slow. I’m talking about people who tailgate very close behind you, forget turn signals and cut you off, and just plain old not paying attention. Most of time I’ve noticed it has to do with a hat. If the driver is wearing a hat or there is one in the back window, chances are they’re a bad driver.

Third would probably be having food taken away or off my plate, especially applies when I haven’t even been asked. I hate when I’m out with friends or something like that, and they steal a fry or some food. “Oh but it’s just one fry.” Yes, but it’s just one fry that I’ve bought with my own money, when you chose not to buy yourself anything. Even when I knew you had money. It is my food, bought with my hard earned money, please let me enjoy it and all of it. Continue reading

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Give Me 10 Years and I’ll Give You a Happy, Bestselling Author

Today’s Blog prompt is to talk about where I’d like to be in 10 year.

Honestly, I just want to be alive and writing still. I want to keep this same passion I have and more so the same passion I had a week ago. I’d like to be married by then and maybe have a kid already.

I want to finish school and be a published author. I want either have a job that I absolutely love, or I want to be able to live off of writing alone. I want to have extra money every month and be able to lend some to friends and family in need. I want to give my child and wife everything they want. And I want to never stop dreaming or writing. Continue reading

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That One About That Girl Who Sleeps A Lot

Today’s prompt for Creative Writing was to Re-Write a Fairy tale:

His body trembled and quivered with the thought of climbing this mountain. Sent on this quest by an odd looking fellow in some forest; he didn’t even know the specifics. Just a few bits the man had told him:

  • Go to Riverdale.
  • Find the nearest mountain.
  • Climb it.
  • Castle on top.
  • Save the girl.
  • There might be a dragon.

The odd man in the forest said this last detail with the littlest of care. As if that is not what mattered. The fellow disappeared back into the forest after that with not even a name or reasoning.

He climbed onward, half way up now his eyes pointed toward the ground. His gut was doing somersaults as his foot holds began to shrink. The higher he climbed the steeper it became. Some handholds were simply a weak, shriveled vine. But he had made it this far, it made no sense to be turning around now. Continue reading

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A Year and A Half of Confusion and Happiness

Today’s Blog prompt was to write about my current relationship:

The day I first saw Katrina I knew I had to talk to her, and of course, flirt with her. I knew I was going to like her. Mostly because my friend James and I made fun of her when she went to the front of the class to tell how she got cheap textbooks. It’s that old saying, “if they’re mean to you it means they like you.”

A little over a month and we were dating, although many people said we were dating after two weeks of meeting. It was a very great relationship and probably one of the best ones I’ve had. It ended a year and a month later. We remained friends though, and after sometime, started going on dates here and there. Continue reading

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30 Day Challenges

ImageThis here is a 30 Day Blog Challenge I found on “Reflections on Life Thus Far” here on WordPress. I liked the questions (or prompts) quite a lot I decided to try it out. Plus this will help me with writing here everyday, other than my “A Writer’s Day” Posts.

So I’m thinking about doing this one, using the prompts for both fiction and non-fiction posts and stories. I will try my best to keep up with it and actually do it each day, every day for the month of September. Since it already started though, I’ll have to do two tonight. Woo!

I also found another 30 Day Challenge. But this one is strictly for creative writing prompts. So I believe I’ll try and do both. If I can’t keep up with both for the whole month, I’ll just stick to the Blog Challenge, and maybe save the creative writing one for October.

I’ll be posting these here everyday, and might even follow them up at the end with a Prompt of my own for anyone to try. Continue reading

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