The Blue, The Red, The Green.

This was supposed to be up yesterday for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. So here it is now:

His stomach turned in tumbles and fits. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead, some fell from the tip of his nose. He readied his cutters, but with shaking hands he wasn’t truly ready. The blue, the red, the green. All wound tightly around each other. He took the group in his hand and untangled them ever so carefully. He was going to stop this thing, whether he died in the process or not.

His eyes were focused, pupils as big as the moon. He breathed heavy and harsh, trying not to put any extra tension on the wires. His ear piece was already on the table. Too much chatter to concentrate. All that mattered was the device in front of him. The timer moved quick, yet felt slow in the same breath.

This was it. The time had come to just give in and cut the wire. The bomb was not in the room with him though, but the detonator was. The bomb was set somewhere inside the school. Big enough to take out the entire assembly no doubt. He must act quick though. The last minute seemed to take forever. Each tick seemed an eternity in this moment.

“Ok, you can do this.” He said to himself. The green was surely the one. That would cut the whole system. Stop the bomb. Save the kids. The Mayor. And yet, he pondered on his decisions for a moment.

The red wire. The red would certainly speed up the process. There’d be no stopping the bomb if the red was cut. His mind seemed to vanish. It fluttered into a state of euphoria and thought. He wasn’t a bad man. He couldn’t do this. But, he could stop all the bad things once and for all.

It was time. He shoved the jagged cutters into place. One. Two. Three.

He cut the wire. Finally wiping the sweet from his brow. It was done.

Within seconds the explosion was heard. Screams of pain rang out from miles away.

The red wire was cut.



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4 responses to “The Blue, The Red, The Green.

  1. You have a solid way of capturing tension and bringing it out in your writing. It definitely helps with the flow of the narrative.

  2. Keeps you guessing until the end!

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