The Abominations Next Door

She clutched her head, a dreadful noise ringing through her ears. The only time she’d come this close to wanting to die before was when Bobby Jay threw gum in her hair on the school yard.

Infuriating racket, coming from the abominations next door no doubt. Always out for trouble. Never missing a moment to catch a ball right in her flowers. Her short blonde hair scrunched under the pressure of her hands.

This was her final tipping point. Her pot was full and she was ready to boil. With a swig of her juice she strutted out the front door and to the neighbor’s house.

Her knuckles were red. Two minutes knocking and not an answer. Finally though, the door opened and out came Mrs. Hampton, the mother of the two sewer rats she kept as sons.

“Why hello there sweetie. What can I do for you?” Mrs. Hampton always spoke in such a disingenuous and conceited tone.

“Can you please, if you would be so kind, tell your… boys… to turn down their music. I am trying to study.” she said, balling a fist and trying her best to crack an innocent smile.

“Oh of course, Ms. Broom has you doing an English quiz too, hmm? Well don’t you worry your little head, darling. I’ll get the boys to quiet down for you.” Her smile seemed too big for her already huge head. Very disingenuous indeed.

She made her way back over to the house and up to her room, but not before grabbing her juice box once more. As she sat at her pink and flowery desk, the noise began to quiet. Silence and tranquility filled the air.

“Ah, I can finally work.”


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