Yeah, I’m a Published Poet. So What?

We’re half way there! September is half over and so is this 30 Day Blog Challenge. For today’s prompt I must write 15 interesting facts about myself. Let’s see if I can find that many.

1. My favorite book is 1984. I read it a year or so ago just for fun and fell in love with it. I’m getting ready to read it again once I knock some other books off my list.

2. I’m a published poet. When I was eight my school had a contest in the fall to write a poem about Halloween. Well, I wont and it got published in a sort of young peoples anthology. Ready for the poem?
“Most people don’t like mummies, because most mummies are dummies.”

3. I have two dogs, two kittens, and a new found Garage Cat. He was a stray that I fed one night and now he has adopted us and hangs out in the garage with me all the time while I write.

4. I really enjoy video games. I’m an avid gamer and have more games than I wish to say. Many of which are on my “To be played” list. I’m currently working my way through Skyrim.

5. I used to co-host a college radio program with two other friends of mine. It was about world music.

6. I like to draw. And I like to convince myself I’m good at drawing sometimes. I did just draw a ballin’ minotaur the other day though. (Balls not included.)

7. I’ve worked at both Walt Disney World and Universal in the Harry Potter World. Fan boys and girls you may now go crazy.

8. I’ve acted/directed/did lights/teched for more than… probably 60 plays and musicals. I used to be very out going and very into community theater.

9. I’ve been in 5 independent films. Some were one my friend and I made, another was a college film, and two others were just independent films based on plays written by my good friend.

10. I truly love to garden. I like being outside and watering plants, planting plants, and watching them grow. I also don’t mind weeding, mowing, or trimming the lawn a bit. I’ve gotten quite used to the heat.

11. My favorite holiday is Christmas. This seems odd coming right after number 10. But I truly love winter and Christmas far more than I like the heat.

12. I grew up in Philadelphia, we then moved to Florida when I was 10. Although I’ve spent half my life in both places, I still call Philly my home and wish to possibly move back there one day. Or at least somewhere up north.

13. I was home schooled for most of my schooling. Although most people think of home schoolers as being possibly less educated and introverted, I’ve found out I am in fact smarter and more worldly than your average public schooler. Also, more humble.

14. I’ve been writing since I was young. I didn’t start truly writing stories though until I was about 12. This all stems from my fathers dream of being a published author. He’s inspired me in so many ways with my writing life. I truly am grateful.

15. I spend far more time reading writer’s blogs than I should. My current pleasure is The Other Side Of The Story by Janice Hardy, author of The Healing Wars series. It’s amazing and has some great writers tips and info.

That about sums it all. All I can think of for more.

What’s a few interesting facts about yourself? Anything to add or comment about mine?



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