A Writer’s Day: Part 15

Not much writing was done today. Not much time to write honestly. I woke up with the worst stomach ache and head ache I’ve had in a while. I sat around for an hour or so just hoping it would go away.

Then my friend, Katrina, and I went to the mall. I sat at the Panera at the food court to write but my head ache came back and I couldn’t focus, so I didn’t write. We walked around a bit, went to Ikea for lunch, then off to dinner with her family at an awesome restaurant, The Melting Pot. Who knew I’d like fondue?

After coming home, sitting around for a while, and taking a shower my pains came back. Another way of Headaches and stomach aches. I played skyrim a bit and wrote not that much on a new story idea I’m working on. But then I decided to do some word sprints.

Those were terribly helpful! I actually was able to write and while I wrote I was able to forget about whatever pain I had. I ended up writing about a 2000 word outline for my NaNo novel loosely detailing all the chapters. This is awesome and new to me. I’m normally a pantser and just free write everything I do. No outline or pre plotting. So now I’m excited!

But now I’m still awake. This looks like it will be another insomnia filled night of not sleeping till sometime tomorrow in the evening. I have no idea what it is. Right now it feels like just the stomach ache and such. It could be I’m just not tired and can’t sleep. Or perhaps I’m actually tired, but still just can’t sleep. Who knows? Well that’s all for now.


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