The Thief of Belgram

My breath was warm. Its haze shown through the light being cast on my face. The only light on the whole street and it had to shine down upon me. It’s not every day you try to break into a store on main street. Low light would be ideal here.

I crept through the streets the rest of the way, being mindful to stay out of the glow this time. My ears kept close to the night, wary of any unusual noise. The only peep was that of a rather unhappy cow in a field not a few yards up a hill. I shrugged it off and made my way forward.

The streets were empty, wind carrying a silent bliss through the air. Every townsfolk was in bed, or gone. Holiday had come early this year and not one younger than thirty would have stayed in this dump for that long. Well not one but me.

Inching my way to the bakery my foot was snagged by a root. It magically popped out of the ground right where I stepped. They was no tree or bush nearby. Confused, I unraveled it around my boot and clambered onward.

I rolled under the bakery window and checked for movement. The baker was gone, hopefully home by now. I knew for a fact the room up stairs was kept for storage alone and not as a residence.

I readied my pick at the door, sliding it gently into the lock. It took a bit of work, wiggling it side to side, but that pop I was waiting for sounded out. I closed the door behind me, careful not to slam it or make any unneeded noise.

I was finally inside. All this waiting was worth it after all. The entire Seeding I had prayed for this moment. Waiting for Belgram to empty. Families leaving for holiday and extended visit in towns far from here. This was it.

I opened the case attached to the counter. The aroma took me back a pace. I hadn’t smelt such a wondrous odor in all my time. Reaching my hand in hesitantly, I finally palmed it and shoved it towards my face. Engulfing the entire piece all at one time. Covering my face in delicious brown sweetness.

Chocolate was my only guilty pleasure. I never stole anything else, but this was the one thing I couldn’t live without.

Before I had time to gather what was left and bolt to the door, a sudden clang came down the stairs. Damn, not even enough time to react. I just turned around, chocolate mess still forming a goatee around my mouth. I tried to smile.

It was Melffer, the bakers boy. Of course, his father would never let him leave on holiday. Especially when there was bread and unlawfully good chocolate to be made. He just stared for a moment with an open jaw. What a lovely jaw.

“Tulma! What are you doing at this hour? Why are you eating my chocolate?!” he neared me and grabbed my arm. He caught me, dark brown covering my hands and flowing out of my bag. This was the first time I’d ever been caught grabbing my fix of this godly indulgence.

“I’m sorry Melffer. Your chocolate is just so… irritable. I couldn’t help myself…” I batted an eyelash and stepped closer, letting my hand drift along his thigh.

His cheeks were like cherries, swollen and red. His eyes had widen the size of wagon wheels as he loosened his grip on my arm. He seemed speechless, standing stark and stiff as a board.

He would have let me run right there, and I would wager he wouldn’t tell his father either. But before I went on my merry way, I couldn’t help but feel a certain gratitude for the poor fellow.

Inching ever so closely, I grabbed his neck and smeared his face with the chocolate on mine. Embracing him in a farewell kiss; a thank you he shant forget.


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