The Boots and The Trees

A cloud of fog circled his feet. He looked down and took as deep a breath as his lungs would allow him. He’d been running for what felt like hours. It was dreadful. He had no idea who or what was chasing him at this point, he just knew he had to keep going. If he dare stop for a moment longer, it would surly engulf him.

He knelt for only a moment, peering through the haze and admiring his boots. He rubbed off some scuffing and rose to his feet. The whole reason they were chasing him and he damn near marked them already.

He continued running, faster and faster, ducking branches and dodging around trunks. He wouldn’t let his legs stop him now, no matter how uncomfortable the boots were. The latches and laces were far too loose for feet that size, but he had to have them none the less. He could see a clearing ahead, but heard the monster behind him. It sounded like the whole forest was falling down and being crushed under heavy steps.

He wanted nothing more than to run out into that clearing and be free, but he knew he’d be sitting in a death box, out in the open like that. Cracking of branches seemed to echo and bounce off every stump in the forest.

It’s getting closer. Fuck.

He turned right and kept to the jumble of trees and brush. He prayed it’d keep him hidden from anything headed his way. He stopped again, resting against the stump of a tree, when he was hit with something. An idea! He could climb to the very top of the tree and hopefully not be seen. He started his climb, branches grabbed at his arms and scratching his skin to blood.

He got into position, the branch bowed and the tree moaned, ready to snap in half. The wind of the night blew against him, chilling his neck and face. His mouth stay shut and his eyes wide open. Looking and listening for any sign. Finally an enormous black mass floated under him. It went through tree and ground, not caring enough to stick to one form. It wasn’t humanoid. But then again it wasn’t any –oid he had ever seen. Perhaps it was just a… void?

He sat for moments on end, hoping it was finally gone. Suddenly he felt cold. His whole body went rigid, numb too. It was like he could sense and feel everything yet he was miles away, watching the experience from afar. The black void floated up to the top of the tree and slowly began to suck his being into it. It started up at his head, then his shoulders.

It phased down his body stopping mid-calf, right where the boots started. His mind was elsewhere, his body gone. The void left and vanished into the night’s sky. The boots hung in the air for moment as if held up by some invisible feet. They were released of their strange hold and fell straight to the forest floor. They landed in a neat pile, ready for their next unwary adventurer.


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  1. That was great. I love you style of description. Interesting story idea too. love the ending. Really good job.

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