A Writer’s Day: Part 12

Today I was told by my friend that if I didn’t keep doing A Writer’s Day everyday they would hurt me. So here we go. Again.

Starting out as uneventful as most days I awoke to find it was already 2pm. I had missed #5amWritersClub and had missed most other word sprints going around on twitter.

I was supposed to do more yard work today but with a huge headache and stomach pains I was forced to stay inside and stare at my screen for most of the day. It wasn’t till at least mid day, well my mid day, that I began writing.

I did a few writing prompts and word sprints. Added to my NaNoWriMo novel and actually spent most of the day trying to brainstorm or plan for it. I haven’t come up with much. But I’m pretty sure my Main Character is Human. I’m thinking of some variant of Theseus. Thoughts?

Other than that my day has been plain. I played some Tomb Raider with my friend who’s going to hurt me. Played with the kids (kittens). And wrote just a tiny bit. Hopefully more will come for tomorrow.

How far along are you on NaNo planning? What do you think of the name Theseus?



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2 responses to “A Writer’s Day: Part 12

  1. NaNo frightens me. I know I’m not going to start anything new. My goal is to just actually write my novel. What a concept.

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