The Run To White Forge

Yesterday’s prompt was Your Favorite Toy, Today’s Prompt is A Moment You Felt Most Satisfied With Your Life:

I raced on. Dragon’s Run was nearing. I knew once I got to the city, ran up to White Forge, and spoke with the Lord everything would be fixed. I could be the hero of Dragon’s Run. I could save the day.

I ran as fast as my steed would allow. Passing farm and wolf, civilian and guard. Not one would try to stop me. I knew my place and mission. They opened the gates as I burst through the first walls of the Hold. Closing in on my target.

The frozen chill of my face was blasted by the heart of the blacksmith. I didn’t slow for longer than a moment. The warmth was begging me to stop but I had to warn Lord Jarkle. The steps of White Forge were nearing; the castle in which the Lord resided.

My steed wouldn’t budge from the bottom step. I forced to travel the rest on foot. I slammed open the large wooden doors that protected the young Lord and made my presences known.

“My Lord, there are terrible dangers headed our way.” My mouth was like burlap and I fought to speak a word. My breath would ne’er be caught at this rate.

“Speak boy, what are these dangers.”

“Terrible dangers. Wendigos lead on by a Storm Walker. Dragon screams heard about the Hold. My Lord, we must warn the others.” I fell to my knees and pleaded with the Lord to ready for battle.

Fortunately he heeded my worry and ran past, readying the soldiers and archers. I would finally be the hero. I had saved the Hold. Whether they fought off the invasion or not I did not care. I did my part. I warned the Lord, and that is all that could asked to be done.


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