A Writer’s Day: Part 10

A Writer’s Day: Part 10 or, How I Learned About Genre Change.

Today I learned that you can’t be so focused on the one plot, or theme, or genre even, that you think you have and will make your story. Things change. They change while you’re writing, or for me, they change before you’ve even written anything.

I started off my NaNoWriMo idea thinking I was going to do some sort of dystopian or utopian futuristic novel. Well somehow through some writing, brainstorming, and plot ideas, it turned into something completely different. It turned into a still utopian story, but fantasy with some Greek mythology inspiration.

It totally changed the whole story and everything I had thought I was going to do up till that point. So I’m left now to pretty much scrap all my other ideas and run with this. I’m still terribly nervous and worried that I won’t do well with it, or that it’ll all just suck. I have a lot of self doubt about this one. Fantasy isn’t really what I normally write, I do Sci-Fi. That’s mostly it.

So, now I’ve got a little less than two months to plot, and plan, and world build, and pre write my butt off until we get to NaNo. Like I said, I’m nervous, but if everything works out the way it’s all jumbled in my head, it’ll be really fun. And I’ll be very excited!

Oh, and a side note, I may stop writing A Writer’s Day every day. Thoughts? Do I have any daily readers?

What are your plans for NaNoWriMo? Do you have any ideas yet, or do you just go into it with nothing and free write your way through?



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6 responses to “A Writer’s Day: Part 10

  1. Stick with it, even if you think it’s crap. That’s what editing is for later.

    • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. 🙂 I needed it a lot! I think I’ll stick with it now, and just outline and hope for the best.

      • I only ever abandon a story/outline when it becomes a chore to write everyday, like I’m fighting the novel. If you feel you’ve written/outlined yourself into a corner, then it may be time to revise or start over. But only then, in my opinion 🙂

  2. I’ll keep that in mind. I may not have to change anything about my NaNo idea after all!

  3. LynBee

    Nothing to be nervous about. NaNo is for you and who ever you want to share it with. There is no right or wrong. You are merely sharing your story. You might need to let it write itself. No stressing, enjoy the experience!

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