Writing Like A Fish Out Of Water

Alright, so today’s prompt is about Zodiac Signs and if I think mine fits my personality.

I’m a Pisces. I was born in March and I’m right near the cusp of Aries. Now sometimes these two mix to form my personality. But if I truly believed in Zodiac Signs and their meanings I’d agree that I’m more of a Pisces.

One of the most common “Strong” traits of Pisces is Compassion. Now I agree with this just fine, I can be very compassionate… sometimes. But one of the “Weak” traits for Pisces is laziness. Which I also agree with, unfortunate I am lazy when it comes to a lot of things, mostly writing. I’ll sit around for hours on end just reading blog posts or doing “research” without actually writing.

This brings me to something I found on a website about Pisces, it has to do with them as writers. “The Pisces writer may be tempted to lounge for years in bars, telling himself he’s gathering material, when he’s really just gathering moss and unpaid bills.” This is me in a nutshell. Instead of just writing and letting it all flow out of me, I spend hours and hours and days researching and filing up bookmark folders on my computer. I need to focus on getting past “knowing” what I’m writing about… and just write it.

So yes, I guess my Zodiac sign does have some strong connections to my actual personality. Do I believe in it or read my horoscope everyday? Nope.

Do you think your Zodiac Sign influences your writing one way or another?



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6 responses to “Writing Like A Fish Out Of Water

  1. I’m a Leo, which tends to mean independent, passionate, and power-hungry. So I guess that could be a good thing? I also need to be the center of attention, though. So a solitary workspace might make me grumpy.

    Maybe this means I would excel as a head writer for a sitcom or something. Screenwriting is fun for me, and doing something episodic would satisfy my innate need to lead, brainstorm, and contribute creatively.

    Thanks for posting – you’ve given me a lot to think about!

    • I think that’s a good thing. Power-hungry possibly not so much. Hah. But having passion about your work is always important.

      If you like screenwriting I say go for it. It sounds like you’d do really well with Collaborative work. Whether it be sitcom writing like you said or even just writing a movie screenplay with a few others.

      You’re very welcome! I’m glad! If you ever want a writing partner. Just let me know. 😛

  2. Interesting concept for how this could relate to writing.

    I’m one of the cusp people. Libra-Scorpio (what a combination).

    From what I remember it boils down to Libra being for peace and justice, Scorpio having temperament issues.

    When it comes to my writing I can pretty well put these into place. Libra being for peace and justice: I have trouble writing battle scenes (unless I’ve had a rough day). On the flip side of that if I get too frustrated with a scene I feel my temper getting higher (I do my best with controlling my temper) and after a certain point with a scene I have to force myself to walk away because I know if I don’t I’ll just get more frustrated and it won’t do me any good in my writing.

    Do I follow my horoscope? No. Have I read my horoscope? Yes. Do I find things that match (with one or both of the signs)? Sometimes.

    • Hmm, It’s really interesting how our horoscopes can relate to our writing lives even if you don’t necessarily believe in them. Funny how you have such a hard time with first scenes. And if you’re frustrated it is best to just walk away sometimes. It saves you time revising. 😛

  3. You could totally do that. I know someone I believe who is going to use this NaNo for their second or third draft. It’s all up to you really. 🙂

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