Faith Is Like Your Penis…

Prompt for today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge is to write about my views on religion.

This is both an easy and a hard topic for me to talk about. Mostly because I love religion, but I don’t love religion. Now this whole topic has a lot of very strong minded, opinionated individuals behind it. So I will try not to offend anyone.

I myself am not religious. I’m just not religious at all. I don’t believe in one thing, and I truly don’t believe in anything. I’m not an atheist though. I describe myself as more of an Agnostic-Apathetic. Is there some overseeing force that created everything? Yeah, there might be. Do I really care to know, or does it affect my day in anyway? No, not really.

I love learning about other people’s religion though. I’m especially fascinated by those of the far east. The time tested, tried and true religions focusing on peace and harmony, and reaching that eternal enlightenment. I’m not one to tell people they’re stupid for not liking a certain religion though.

I don’t tell people not to believe or to believe in anything. I personally believe that everyone should be tolerant of everyone else’s beliefs. The one thing I hate about religion though, are the fanatics behind most.

They take one item, or one code, and make it their sole purpose in life. They not only make sure people know what they believe in by shoving it down their throats, but they also decide to tell you that what you believe in is totally wrong and you’re stupid for doing so. Every religion has these types of people.

There was a saying, or story, or comic, (whichever) that I saw once that I really loved. It went something like this: “Faith (religion) is like your penis. Yes you have it, yes that’s nice. Just please don’t rub it in my face or try to stick it down my kid’s throat.” I absolutely loved this and have lived by this analogy every since.

You can love your god(s) and love the faith and relationship you share with them. You may even want other people to know her/his love. But that doesn’t mean you need to shove it in everyone’s face and tell them they’re wrong for thinking otherwise.

What religions interest you the most? What’s your favorite type of religion you’ve seen in a story, fictional or not?


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