A Writer’s Day: Part 8

What’s this? A Writer’s Day post written before 4am! That’s crazy. But alas it is true. I’ve finished all most of my prompts that I do daily and I’ve hit my half way point in my novel. 30k words! Now I can finally take a small break and plan for NaNoWriMo

Today was rather normal. I was up most of last night writing and doing other things, like applying for jobs. I finally slept around 8am, waking up at 2pm. I quickly rushed to school to study for a quiz and then shot off to art class. Came home, and wrote my little butt off. I had a good go at some #wordsprints on twitter and ended up with 30,310 in my novel.

Now I’m here at 2am, still mostly wide awake like normal, only I have little to nothing to do. Like I said, I have but one prompt left to do and I’m taking a break from my novel. I don’t want to write too much and burn myself out. But at the same time I love writing, I don’t want to stop.

I think I’ll work on my NaNo story. I need to plan and plot, make characters, and settings, and themes, and all those fun parts. Plus the big monster that looms in the background, World building.

I’ve never written or wanted to write a story with so much world building involved. My story idea takes place in a far future where multiple catastrophes and apocalypses have ravaged Earth, or another Earth like planet. This takes quite the world building.

I’m not sure exactly how I will make it all work, but I still have two months or so. And now, I go off to prompt land.

What is your favorite thing about planning a novel? Any tips or tricks for planning and world building?



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2 responses to “A Writer’s Day: Part 8

  1. I’m new to planning too but I’m going all in with story mapping. No advice here, just wanted to offer my support as we approach NaNoWriMo. This advance planning for NaNo is kind of exciting–like trying to stay on the “Nice” list before Christmas!

  2. I like that analogy! So true too, let’s just hope we actually stick to the rough map/plot we make and don’t write ourselves into a corner! šŸ˜›

    This is my first NaNo so I’m just a bit nervous.

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