Slamming Your Head Against A Wall Will Make You A Better Writer

Walls. They’re big, stiff, tough, and scary if you’re a writer. Many times writers hit a wall while writing. Sometimes they think its writer’s block, other times it actually is writer’s block.


Imagine hitting that head first while writing.

I’ve hit such a wall recently and it wasn’t fun, believe me. Going about sixty, wind in my hair. Fingers furiously typing to keep up with my thoughts, all flowing out of me in the most beautiful and poetic of prose. Not a care in the world. Then we start to sputter. My thoughts are there and gone and there and gone. And finally, they’re just gone.

I’m left with nothing, just a blank page and a half written chapter. There’s no muse. There’s no motivation, the character’s or myself to write for that matter. I’m left feeling empty and afraid. “What if my story actually sucks?”

“What if I can never pick it back up again?”

“What if all this hard work was all for naught?”

Common questions, questions I’ve asked myself recently in fact. Just this past week, like I said, was going just fine then I hit a big stupid wall. I was lost in my own words and I had no idea where my characters were headed. I’m still unsure but it is at least getting better, slowly.

Hitting a wall is never fun, in writing or in life. But the thing you have to do is find a way around, over, under, or hell… just punch straight through it. It’s your writing; you tell it when you’re going to write.



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7 responses to “Slamming Your Head Against A Wall Will Make You A Better Writer

  1. I totally sympathize with you on this!

  2. This happens to me all the time. Yes, you just have to push through it. You can try writing a scene later in the book, take a break, or do what I often do, give yourself permission to write anything at all, even if it completely sucks. There’s always the second draft to fix it. Or the third. Or the twentieth.

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