Are You One Of These People?


I would give my pet peeves away. How about you?

Here is the Prompt for day three, so I’ll finally be caught up. Your 5 Pet Peeves:

Pet peeves, let’s see. This is quite a hard one for me. Mostly because if something truly bother’s me that someone does, I tend to ignore it or them. But I guess it could also refer to my personal pet peeves.

First would have to be people that interrupt you while you are doing something important. Not only do they interrupt you, they then go on to ask questions of what you’re doing and talk about their day. Now, I normally try to be a nice guy, and I’ll talk to someone if they start talking to me. But some people just can’t take a hint. This especially applies when I’m writing and have a really good write flow going.

Second is poor drivers. I know it’s used quite often but it really annoys me sometimes. I’m not saying slow drivers, unless excessively slow. I’m talking about people who tailgate very close behind you, forget turn signals and cut you off, and just plain old not paying attention. Most of time I’ve noticed it has to do with a hat. If the driver is wearing a hat or there is one in the back window, chances are they’re a bad driver.

Third would probably be having food taken away or off my plate, especially applies when I haven’t even been asked. I hate when I’m out with friends or something like that, and they steal a fry or some food. “Oh but it’s just one fry.” Yes, but it’s just one fry that I’ve bought with my own money, when you chose not to buy yourself anything. Even when I knew you had money. It is my food, bought with my hard earned money, please let me enjoy it and all of it.

Fourth are immature, overly opinionated, rub it in your face people. It’s fine you hate gay people. I don’t, so please don’t beat me over the head with it. You think someone is racist or sexist, that may very well be true. But I don’t really care to see a 10k word dissertation on how you believe they caused the holocaust. This especially applies to overly religious people, and most users on tumblr.

Finally, fifth would be when someone drives my car and leaves me no gas. I let you drive my car. I will let you move my seat and my steering wheel. You’ll even change the mirrors, but you could also leave me with a full tank of gas. Or at the least, where I had left the gas last time I used it.

I also hate my computer restarting by itself, people who run their sprinklers during rain, people with loud unnecessary mufflers, and oatmeal.

My prompt for you: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about writing, or the world in general?


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