A Writer’s Day: Part 7

Ah, here we are again. It’s hard to believe a whole week has gone by already since I started this blog and this daily post. I should really call this A Writer’s Night, or rather A Writer’s Overnight. I sit here, confined to my garage in solitary, nothing to do but write. My days mixed together and half the time I’m not even sure what day I’m writing about.

Well let’s see, today I woke up. Had a rough time actually getting up, went to McDonald’s, picked up a part to fix Katrina’s car, did some yard, and that’s about it for none related writing things. So on to those!

As for the writing part of my day, 2 prompts, 1,000 words of my novel, some world building ideas for another story, two showers and a walk which both produced ideas, and a few word sprints later, here are. I have gotten quite a lot done today for writing, with all the other shenanigans I was getting into.

I’ve woken up at a reasonable hour and have actually done physical labor today, why then am I still awake? Why must insomnia wrack my bones and body to its very core? I should be tired, yes I took a nap today but it lasted maybe an hour. I haven’t had much caffeine, and have tried to stay away from the meds that keep me awake and alert. And yet here I sit.

Oh well I suppose, back to writing things. I have about 600 more words to go to get to my half way goal. I may then take a break from that story and work on what I shall do for NaNoWriMo. I also have a few prompts I still have to do, some stories I’d like to write, and probably a blog post I’m forgetting about. Writing truly is my life at this point and I’m not upset by it one bit.

And now I’m posting this I guess when it’s actually tomorrow?


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