That One About That Girl Who Sleeps A Lot

Today’s prompt for Creative Writing was to Re-Write a Fairy tale:

His body trembled and quivered with the thought of climbing this mountain. Sent on this quest by an odd looking fellow in some forest; he didn’t even know the specifics. Just a few bits the man had told him:

  • Go to Riverdale.
  • Find the nearest mountain.
  • Climb it.
  • Castle on top.
  • Save the girl.
  • There might be a dragon.

The odd man in the forest said this last detail with the littlest of care. As if that is not what mattered. The fellow disappeared back into the forest after that with not even a name or reasoning.

He climbed onward, half way up now his eyes pointed toward the ground. His gut was doing somersaults as his foot holds began to shrink. The higher he climbed the steeper it became. Some handholds were simply a weak, shriveled vine. But he had made it this far, it made no sense to be turning around now.

He looked towards the sky, following a deafening screech. The harsh rays that bleached his face were now gone. What appeared to be a large creature hung where the sun used to be. It’s shadow cast down over the whole mountain. It looked as though it was shooting straight for him.

He closed his eyes, fearful of the danger to come. A light tickle on his shoulder made him open an eye. A small bird like creature stood atop his shoulder, looking almost like a lizard mixed with a chicken. It was no bigger than a rabbit. The man paused for a moment, making sure his holds were tight enough to stand still any longer. His braveness over took him and he gently blew a gust of air at the thing. With a twitch of it’s nose it fly right off his shoulder and back into the sun.

Amazed at what just happened he kept to his climb.

Why am I doing this? Why am I even here? And… was THAT the dragon?

He staggered up the top of the cliff and moved forward. Such a climb would have tired the strongest of men. As he approached the castle it seemed it truly wasn’t a castle at all. It was more of a small stone shack with one window and a door only big enough for a dwarf.

Shrugging it off, he continued to the door, opening it and stepping inside. Once in, the room was filled with books, and clothes pilled high to the ceiling. On the far wall draped a curtain, covering a young, sleeping maiden. He inched closer and took as many breathes as his tired lungs would let him have.

He arrived at the bedside and flung back the curtain. This was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. A sleeping goddess among man and dwarf. His hand grazed her cheek slightly. Cold. It was as if the snow had kept a layer of ice on this poor girls visage. He turned her face towards him and readied himself. A kiss perhaps.

Why not, after all I’ve been through?

Maybe this would be the key to wake her from this deepest of slumbers. Preparing his lips, the man leaned down. As his lips met hers he felt a sudden wave of sadness flow over him. He knew then something was amiss. As his pulled back he felt this sadness rush through him then leave suddenly. He quickly felt her neck for a pulse.

Why didn’t I just think of that before kissing her?

He checked and checked, prancing his fingers around like a doe looking for a leaf. But alas, she was gone.

I just kissed a dead girl…

The man stood rapidly, brushing off and shaking himself down. He hurriedly gathered anything of value in this hut and bolted out the dwarfish door.

For this is where our story ends,
A girl whose death, no kiss amends.
A dwarfish hut not fit for men,
This mans life shall never be the same again.

My prompt today for you is: If you could be in any Fairy tale, what would it be, and who would you be?

You can use that for fiction or Non fiction. Or just use the prompt I used, Just let me know!


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