A Year and A Half of Confusion and Happiness

Today’s Blog prompt was to write about my current relationship:

The day I first saw Katrina I knew I had to talk to her, and of course, flirt with her. I knew I was going to like her. Mostly because my friend James and I made fun of her when she went to the front of the class to tell how she got cheap textbooks. It’s that old saying, “if they’re mean to you it means they like you.”

A little over a month and we were dating, although many people said we were dating after two weeks of meeting. It was a very great relationship and probably one of the best ones I’ve had. It ended a year and a month later. We remained friends though, and after sometime, started going on dates here and there.

Now my current relationship status is much harder to explain. Before now, we would go on dates, hang out 24/7, tell each other we loved each other, and hell even kissed. But we didn’t consider ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend, or even dating for that matter. I think we were both still scared from past relationships.

Finally though, after a few more dates, I asked her out. As in, if she wanted to have the title of “dating.” It’s quite a confusing subject really. Just dating, boyfriend and girlfriend, or something in between. So now we are dating.

There’s still a few out there who think we shouldn’t be together or be friends at all. That ex’s never work as friends or as significant others again. But there’s also those out there who have said for months that we’ll probably get married.

So my current relationship is “dating”, and it’s with Katrina. My bestfriend. And that’s all that matters at this moment.

My prompt today for you is: Write about someone you care deeply for but haven’t told.

You can use that for fiction or Non fiction. Or just use the prompt I used, Just let me know!


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