A Writer’s Day: Part 6

Today was an interesting day. I actually slept last night which was nice, but only for 7 hours after being awake for about 40. I woke up to a kitten licking my nose, which I must say was very cute.

Katrina was here as I woke up, so we decided to go to Panera to go get some writing done. Well neither of us were in a good mood for the beginning of the day, but we got over that so we could write and be together.

I didn’t get much done at Panera, before we headed out to Barnes and Noble instead. Didn’t do much there either, but Katrina did buy the first Percy Jackson book. So I’m looking forward to reading that.

After that I came home and spent most of my day working on blog posts. Writing and editing and researching. But not much else, no real prompts or working on my novel. I suppose I’ll save that for tomorrow. This feels like an all nighter kind of night so maybe I’ll get a lot done tomorrow. Who knows.

That’s about it for my day so far. Also, just for anyone who reads this blog, I’m probably going to only do one 30 Day Challenge. I was thinking about sticking with the Blog Challenge, but I’m not sure. Tell me what you think in the comments!



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2 responses to “A Writer’s Day: Part 6

  1. I think the blog post prompts for September. You can do the creative ones in October or December after NaNoWriMo.

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