Writing As a Hobby


Photo by Charles Jeffrey Danoff

I saw this picture earlier and I just wanted to write a small post about it. There’s no doubt that it’s a good picture. I like the blurring, the moleskine-esque journal, and what appears to be a child’s hands holding on tightly.

We should encourage our child to write and be creative. We should let them make up fantasy worlds in their heads and make stories out of them. Because one day that idea might make mommy and daddy very rich parents. But that’s not the point. The point is it’s a cute picture.

However, my point isn’t about the picture. It’s about the text. “Writing is my hobby.” I don’t terribly love calling writing a “hobby”. I take it far too seriously for it to just be my little “hobby” or my “typing”. Writing is my job and my sole passion in life. You could say my soul’s passion. Teehee.

Point being, referring to writing as just a hobby belittles it in my eyes. Writing isn’t my “off-work relaxation pleasure”, or my “hunny on the side”. Writing is my job and my life. It’s mostly all I think of and all I do as of late.

I’m sure some people just use it as a fun little “hobby”, but for real writers I feel like it makes the entire process seem like a joke. Perhaps I’m being a bit cynical.

If you take a look a the 70 year old man who just lost his wife and picked up writing to deal with the grief and having nothing else to do. Then yes, it would be his hobby. Or would it be his therapy for dealing with such a terribly event. And the possibility for a wonderful memoir of their life together.

Or we could take the middle age house wife, who writes instead of selling jewelry out of her home. She writes because she’s bored most days and needs something mindless to occupy her time. Her little hobby. Or it could be her only escape from the real world where her husband doesn’t care for her anymore and they’re in the red every month. Her only escape from reality and the terribly things going on. Her call to arms against house wives who would just stand by and do nothing.

You can see where I’m going with this, it’s getting a bit too philosophical for me. But my point being, yes anyone can write and anyone can call it a hobby. But I believe there’s always a deeper connection to the writing and a deeper meaning behind why these people write than just as a “hobby”.

Well, There’s my little rant on Writing as a “Hobby”. Hope you enjoyed.



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5 responses to “Writing As a Hobby

    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not totally crazy for thinking this way.

      • Oh definitely not. I may not make enough to live on yet, but writing is no hobby. For me, my hobbies are things I can put down and move away from with ease. Staying away from those things for days or weeks at a time and they are only a small thought in the back of my mind. Writing consumes my thoughts, therefore making it much more than a hobby.

  1. While I find writing no a hobby I am not quite at the point to say its a job. It is an extension of myself and one that I want to continually pursue until I can call it my job or possibly my career. Well written 🙂

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