Why I Write

For my next installment of my (Not yet famous) “Why ___ Write?” series, I think I’ll talk about why I personally write. I’ll be the selfish writer I talked about before.

Now as simple as it may seem, this is not an easy question to answer. Many different people write for many different reason. Some for themselves, some to teach, some to learn, and some to be extra selfish and just make money. I fall into the first portion.

I write for myself, first and foremost. If no one ever reads my writing that wouldn’t bother me. I’m not one to never show my work or keep it hidden, but I do just write for myself. I write because it’s all I can do. It’s what I feel I’m best at, creativity wise, and it’s how I can express myself in the easiest way.

I love the feeling I get after reading through a short story I’ve written and thinking “Wow, did I really just think of this amazing place and people all on my own?” The answer is yes, and that surprises me sometimes. But I write to please and surprise myself. Writing is my pleasure, but not just a hobby. It’s a commitment, to write every day. Writing has become my life as of late.

I also write for my father. He’s an aspiring author as well and has always inspired me to be the best I can be. He was the one that got me interested in writing in the first place. He’s given me the best inspiration and motivation as a writer, and I now pass that back on to him in his time of Stuckness (A term to use instead of being BLOCKED.) I write for him, to show him that there’s a reason to write, that anyone can write, and to make him proud.

He’s also probably the reason, (Well and my mother who helped,) that when I was eight, I had a poem published in a young poet anthology. I need to remind myself this more. Whether you want to call it being a poet or an author, I am published and I can do this.

I write because I feel like the stories in my head are important; and that someone, somewhere, could benefit from them. I write because the people in my head who talk to me are relatable and have something they are dying to say to the world. I am their only gateway. I also write because my stories have meaning and purpose. They have reasoning behind them and a message. I wish for someone to see this message and have it affect them in one way or another.

But like I said, I write for myself. And only mostly myself. If I write a book that only I read or enjoy, so be it. I had a pleasure creating it and get excitement and joy out of writing and reading it. That’s all that matters to me.

Why do you write?


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