A Writer’s Day: Part 4

Ah, what a day. It started off relatively normal, waking up to two kittens in my face. It progressed at the same standard. Feed the rascals, headed into the garage for my morning coffee/smoke/email/twitter relaxing time. And then I got a call.

I was to go on a date with my ex and best friend, Katrina. She called to tell me that she was actually going to the beach with her mother in the morning. So we would have to postpone our movie to a later time that day. That was great news to hear, it meant I had much more writing time I could fit in before having to get ready. Or did it.

I spent most of the rest of the day sitting in my garage staring at my computer. I looked at every google search result I could find on Dystopian and Utopian ideas/novels/themes (For my NaNo this year.) I also caught up on twitter and email. And that’s about it. I didn’t write much today at all. I couldn’t. No matter what I did there was no inspiration or motivation. And no creativity.

All I had done was work out in the yard again and then go to pick up Katrina. After a brief argument, our date turned out quite lovely and we enjoyed a good movie. Once she left I sat back down at my laptop and drew yet another blank. There was still nothing. I was good and stuck.

I did accomplish a few things today and last night. I wrote in my story and was able to just barely reach my daily word count goal. I did a prompt, worked on some writing exercises and finished it off with some brainstorming for NaNoWriMo. Today’s writing I added a measly 172 to my story, came up with a dozen different Dystopian/Utopian novel ides I could use, and am writing this post.

So all in all not a totally wasted day (when it comes to writing, not a wasted day at all in reference to the other things.) And now writing this I feel inspired again to write something else. Possibly work on my novel or start a new project.I was thinking about possibly starting a short dystopian story before NaNo to get the feel of the genre.

That’s all for what happened today!

Any thoughts, comments, or concerns would be appreciated.


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