A Binge You Went On

Ah, yet another prompt that I wish to take to the literal form. The book says you may “use these prompts for fiction or for memoir and essays.” I’ve done a bit of both actually. But today’s will be another… essay I suppose it is?

When I hear the word binge, I think of binge drinking or eating. Or even going on a “coke binge”. But it encompasses much more than just that. The definition is “a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess.” So this could literally mean anything.

Just yesterday (and the day before technically,) I went on a binge myself. A sleep deprivation binge. Or rather a staying awake binge? That’s what I thought of when I first read this prompt, but I also went on a sort of writing binge.

After a couple Monster energy drinks and some medication, I felt vastly motive and creative. So much so that I stayed awake for forty-two hours straight, (not necessarily by my choosing.) I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t tired. I just wanted to be creative, or write, or do something.

The first night I wrote about 1.5k words in my story, the second night only 500. I believe this is because I wore myself out of writing. Not wore myself out physically, like I said I wasn’t tired. But rather, I had expended all my creative juices so to say.

After forty-two hours, 2k words, two prompts, writing exercise, and about five blog posts or so, I was left dry. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t write. Finally it got to the point where my eyes were watching the words appear, but my brain was somewhere else, drifting off. This is when I knew it was time to finally sleep.

Now, Binge sleep deprivation and writing can be good, if you have a deadline. I didn’t. I ran myself into a proverbial hole in the ground of words and couldn’t write myself out. I was lost and trapped.

I’ve decided this is not the best plain or course of action, especially when I have no set deadline I need to meet. I need to take time to think and plot out my writing. And I need time to rest and get away from the words and the computer. And to actually sleep.

I guess I’ll know for next time. He says while writing a blog post at 4am, wide awake.


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