Coming Up With NaNoWrioMo Ideas

Right, so as many of you probably already know, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is closing in fast. Just a little over two months before we start the almighty race to 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve got to be crazy.

Not only do I have a first draft that I plan on finishing right before NaNo, I’m also going to continue working on short stories and prompts. Which I’m afraid is going to leave me little time for plotting and planing. I mean, I don’t even have an idea for a novel yet. No concept or premise or little annoying idea that won’t leave my brain. Nothing.

I keep drawing a complete blank and I can’t seem to think up anything that would be worth a novel. I was thinking of trying some Dystopian/Spec Fiction for this NaNo. This will also be my first year I might add. I also have a fantasy story I have some work done on, so I could always just start that from scratch. Or just come up with a brand new idea.

The main problem I’m having is not just coming up with a premise and going from there. It’s the fact that, once all the plotting and world building is done, it needs to be worth 50,000 words in a month! That’s just insane. I don’t even think I could do that with the story I’m currently working on and I love this one.

I’ve gotten suggestions to just pants it the whole thing (ride by the seat of your pants, no plotting before hand). But I’m still afraid that I’ll get going, love it, then half way through I’ll hit a wall and won’t be able to come up with anything more. I need to find a way to push this fear aside and just write.

Well, I suppose the next two months will be spent finishing my first novel, and then deciding if I want to heavily world build, or just pantser my whole way through. These next few months will be very interesting when it comes to writing to say the least.

What are your thoughts on NaNoWriMo? Should I have a fully fleshed out plot before jumping in or just fly by the seat of my pants and write? Are you participating? Any story ides to throw my way?



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4 responses to “Coming Up With NaNoWrioMo Ideas

  1. Bailey Jackson

    I love NaNoWriMo. It gets people writing and creating. Everyone should have a chance to write what they want, even if no one else will ever read it.

    As far as planning goes, I’m a plotter all the way. I go into NaNo with a full(ish) outline, mostly because I’d get lost in the deep, dark woods without it. Pantsers amaze me, and in mostly a good way. I can’t imagine writing something without knowing where I’m going.

    • I love the whole idea of it. I’m just nervous because it’s my first year doing it.

      See, I was thinking about going in with a full outline, but I’m just nervous. I’m sort of in between a plotter and pantser when I write. So that’s why I’m not sure what to do for NaNo exactly.

      • Bailey Jackson

        Don’t be nervous! I found last year that bemoaning your failure and commiserating with others at the end of the month can be just as fun as actually hitting 50,000. 🙂

        This will be my third year doing it. My first year I had an outline and hit about 60,000. My second I just winged it and got maybe 15,000. But that’s just how my mind works. If you’re half plotter/half pantser, maybe you should make a rough outline with the knowledge that you can deviate from it whenever you want.

  2. Haha Yeah? 😛 I guess that’s just more drive for the next year!

    I like that idea. That’s what I was thinking about doing actually. My only problem is coming up with a good premise and conflict.

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