A Writer’s Day: Part 3

Perhaps yesterday was not the best idea. Although I got tons of writing done; many prompts and double my daily writing goal for both days. I have written but one thing today and that was a six word story. I just don’t feel as inspired as I did the few days before.

I haven’t even tried to write though. Maybe staying up for forty-two hours straight was a bad idea! I’ve just been distracted today. I got my tattoo touched up, did a lot more yard work, and even prepared and did some research for NaNo (Which I’m still trying to come up with an idea for.)

Even in the days earlier this week, I was either constantly writing, or wanting to. But today I’ve just been online not doing much of anything. There’s no motivation, no inspiration, and no concentration.

Most of my day has been spent looking up different articles on writing, reading email, and using twitter. And I’ve realized, if all I ever do is read about writing or write about writing I’m never going to get anywhere (Although I do enjoy these posts.)

So I’m going to post it here, therefore it is known and I can’t not do it now. Tonight I’m going to meet me word goal on my story, write at least one prompt if not two, do some exercises, and possibly just free write more blog posts. I’m not going to constantly check my email, keep up with twitter (Unless it’s to say I’ve completed a certain task), or read anymore blog posts or websites until my goals are met. So it is written, so it shall be done.

This post isn’t just about my day so far. It is also my way of putting a deadline on myself. The whole world (or at least a few people) have seen my goals for the day and my declaration that I will get it all done. If I don’t do these things, I will let down everyone, most importantly myself.

I shall now go write, and write a lot.

Happy writing!


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