Two Night Lovers

Footsteps pounding pavement. A dimly lit street guides the way. Two souls walking through time, side by side. A smoky haze encircling them, pulling them towards each other. A hand drops and tickles another. A tight grasp that could withstand any barrage. Muted sounds emanating from the two.

Footsteps in tandem, matching each other. Their souls touch, their bodies apart. Mist obscuring them from by standers. Inching closer and closer, finally colliding with a tap. Whispers of giggles trickle through the streets.

A curb waits. A single moment of warmth on a cool winter’s night. Seated rear to rear, a feather could not separate the two. A gift, an offering, a memento of the occasion. A jacket of one, given to another. Faces lit brightly by an azure glow. Fingers tap, the most anticipated time of the night. Story tellers both, telling them through written words. A flurry of smiles and giggles fill the corner.

A freezing nip catches ones nose. Time to depart, perhaps they’ll return again. Continuing on their journey, sadness befalls the concrete. It’s most loyal patrons have left once again.

Further down the street two bodies walk closer. The only warmth of the night found in each other. Finally arriving to a house. It’s not yet a home until they enter. The two stop. One grabs the other in a massive embrace. Tightness that would injure anyone else seems to bring joy to this one.

A smile, a squeeze of the hand, a kiss on the lips. Their walk has come to an end, as shall our story. These two night lovers. Entering a home.

My best friend gave me a the idea to write about when we were together and this is what came out of it. Our nightly walks.


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