A Writer’s Day: Part 2

What a day it’s been. I’m still considering this part of yesterday. I’ve been awake for thirty-six hours straight now and most of that time was spent writing. Or doing some sort of research about writing. Now that’s what I call a successful day!

Not only did I hit my daily word count for my novel last night, but I’ve also already hit it for today. I’ve also written about three different stories based on prompts and a Six Word Story. I’ve worked on scene plotting and character back story for my novel, as well as some exercises for the book “90 Days to Your Novel”. Plus constant upkeep of twitter and email, as well as a few new blog posts here on my new WordPress. I must have written about 10,000 words all together within the past two days. That’s a damn good productive day if you ask me.

And I’m still going strong. I’m not really tired at all, just worn out slightly because in between all this writing I’ve also done quite a bit of yard work. I’ve still got more to add to my novel, maybe a blog post or two, and another prompt  later tonight!

Who needs sleep anyway? Maybe this was good for me. Hoping for this much productivity in the next 12.


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