Elvis Clones

This was a prompt given to me by @GetYarny on twitter.

The prompt was: Write a 500 word story in which an evil villain has released hordes of Elvis clones around the world.

The madness of music. The might of the beat. That is our only true salvation in this terrible world of ours. People have asked me before, “Why are you so Evil?” But don’t you see my children. I’m not the evil one. Those heathens who teach of this new pop music are the unrighteous ones. I am here to liberate the world of this foul stench that has filled our ears.

Elvis. Elvis was, and always shall be the one true king. We mourn his death every year my children. And this year, this year shall me no different! For I have a plan that will finally convert all the non-believes to the love and joy of rock ‘n’ roll. Our mission is clear. Our fight is just. Our cause is like no other.

This August, on our most holiest of days, the 17th, we shall strike. I have under my control a legion of Elvis clones. That’s right my children! Calm, calm down. The king shall return and he shall lead us to the Promised Land! For Graceland will be taken back into the hands of The Children of Rock once and for all! Mwhaha! We shall show the masses that the king is risen!

Now, what I ask of you my children is of great importance. You mustn’t speak of word of this to anyone until our time comes. Our legion of Elvis clones will be sent out among the word. One hundred to every major city across the world. The only message will be of Rock and that his children and ready to reclaim what was rightfully left to us! We shall prevail!

Our first plan of attack is to set up transportation for our King Clones, as I’ve dubbed them. My children, donate to our cause and you shall be forever remembered in the eyes of the King himself. And we will all have our own very special place with him in Graceland. Just another week and we will have it all.

I speak to you in the words of the King himself, “Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.” And we will move the world sons and daughters of the almighty rocker. We will make the world move and the world will see the trueness and rightness that is our King! He hath spoken to me brothers and sisters, in his own words. In my mind he has come to me with this mighty message for all the world to know.

He is our one true king and we are behooved to do this for our king. It is our duty, nay. Our right to share his message with the world. And once our King Clones are spread, there will be no stoping them. We will take back Graceland and all that is right! We will have peace and Rock ‘n’ Roll! Elvis Lives!


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